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Mar 27th, 2015

The new Apple Watch was introduced in the last September. This watch is unique in such a way that it contains many new and interesting features including Facebook updates, gadget beams messages as well as simplified apps. It is a highly efficient watch and saves our time to take out the device in order to check notifications. People can use this brand new Apple Watch in many ways. They can use its interesting apps and can stay healthy and fit all the day long.

Health features

Many features of this watch are related to health. It is designed in such a way that it can be used in everyday life. Everyone can use this watch during any physical activity, while driving, and walking. The sensors as well as nutrition apps used in this gadget allow its users to live healthy life. The use of this watch also improves health in many different fields. It is very quick in its response and gives you the pleasure of using all the benefits from its custom heart rate monitor that can compete with the best world’s running technology.

There are two separate fitness applications installed in Apple Watch which are designed to track different elements. One of the apps is called the Activity app which provides its users an overview of their entire day with the help of three “rings”. The “rings” indicate the burned calories.

The other App is used to show real-time statistics such as the burned calories, time spent while exercising, distance traveled and your pace during the exercises. This app motivates people to set goals for themselves, and finally to beat those goals. As time passes, this app will recommend some new fitness goals and will start behaving as a personal trainer.


The Apple Watch has integrated Siri which means that people will be able to use Siri to perform different tasks and to act as a personal trainer, but only in a digital form. Some of the tasks Siri performs is helping people to get directions, send messages, or to collect information. In order to activate Siri, simply hold down the Digital Crown or raise your wrist and use the command “Hey Siri”.

Design and other features

The features of this intelligent watch also include a microphone as well as a speaker, which allows you to make and receive phone calls. The intelligent watch is dust as well as water proof. It is better not to wear the watch while swimming. It can resist water only in such conditions while showering, sweating or washing hands. We can find custom designed S1 processor chip in this watch. This processor links some subsystems into one single module. It also contains a gyroscope, an accelerometer and a heart rate sensor. The design of this watch makes it fashionable as well as functional at the same time. It is available in two sizes (38 mm and 42 mm) with rounded, rectangular body. It is arranged into three collections; stainless steel Watch collections, Sports Watch collection and the Gold Watch edition.
This Apple Watch has only two buttons. One is the Digital Crown, which controls several options and the other is the Friends button that is used to bring up contact list.


The time of this Apple Watch is accurate. It has the ability to adjust the time based on the global time standard. The company has developed a large variety of watch faces in order to focus on exact time. Now it is available in digital, standard analog clock, a Mickey Mouse watch, and even some galaxy themes, like a solar system or phases of moon.


The battery of this watch is also very good and can last solid 18 hours. It easily switches to power reserve mode when the battery runs low. In one and a half hour, it can be charged up to 80% and will require an additional hour to get fully charged.


In fact, the Apple Watch is one of the best or simply you can say the best smart watch available in the market. Health features of this watch attract people and they will soon realize all the benefits Apple Watch has to offer. It has been announced some months back and finally released. The exciting features of this watch are responsible for its bright future. It possesses a series of high standards. We are witnesses of many new gadgets which help us retain our health, lose weight, and meet our goals. Wearable technology is finely here and users can expect many new improvements and new ways to keep being fit. What happens next? What will the competition introduce that will blow our minds away? We’ll only have to wait and see. But, the process of waiting and imagining what is next is the most fun part of waiting for new technology to be released.

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