Best Books on Cyber Security for the Home User


Mar 13th, 2015

Although there are lot resources on the internet to prevent the internet users from any loss. Most of the resources related to cyber security are provided by the websites of organizations that help the internet user stay safe while using the internet related services. Apart from the bulk data on websites about cyber security, there are uncountable books on the topic written so far around the world. So the information available in books cannot be compared with the information of the internet. Books come with sound research about the theory and practice related to a topic. So in this article, we are going to discuss the books on cyber security that are written in a manner that is easily understandable for beginners or home users. We have selected the books that can easily be understandable even by the people who do not have any background study related to information technology or computer science. Following are some of those easy to understand books,

The Essential Guide to Home Computer Security

(Published: 2011, Written by Robert Rowlingson, Paperback, Price: $25, 134 Pages)

This book is specially written to target the beginners. Be they home users or small office bearers, this book can help them independently design security postures for their personal computer or organization. The information contained in this book is “digital common sense” that is necessary to learn for all internet users. Price is also very low which makes it accessible by everyone. This book is also available on Amazon and you can order it by in your home. The book provides a sound base to understand the risks involved in using the internet followed by the safety measures to defend against any cyber attach. The book provides general information about information security regardless of platform used by the users. This book is a must read for the people who are involved in e-commerce and internet/phone banking.

Cybersecurity for Everyone: Securing your home or small business network

(Published: 2014, Written by Terence L. Sadler, Price: $14, 138 Pages)

This book aims at providing necessary and basic knowledge about cyber security to home users and to small businesses. The writer of the book is a cyber security expert and he adopted an easy to understand method for all internet users. This book is most important for the people who use e-commerce and internet banking services because a hacker can steal their money in many ways they do not know. Symantec Internet Security Report 2014 tells us that millions of identities of people have been theft in the recent years. So this mere $14 investment can save you from any huge future loss. This book explains about the mega breaches that result in about 10 millions identities theft. Further, the author sheds light on the issues related to spam and describes how to make your email habits secure. There are other cyber security topics in this book that are of utmost importance for you.

Cybersecurity and Cyberwar: What Everyone Needs to Know

(Published: 2014, Written by P.W. Singer, Allan Friedman, Paperback, Price: $11, 320 Pages)

This book has been published by famous publisher Oxford University Press. The term cyberspace is not a new term. It is one generation old and in the past it was only used by writers of fictional stories. But in the recent years it has got so much importance. Today we cannot imagine life without the internet. With the widespread use of the internet around the world, the need to protect the users of the internet is gaining more and more importance. The increase in the importance of the security of the internet users is due to increase in the attacks of hackers on individuals and organizations. Cybersecurity issues are faced by all type of people around the world. Defending digital frontiers is also important like defending frontiers of country. There are millions of attacks on the internet by the hackers. A cyberwar is going on between the innocent people and hackers. So it is important to protect ourselves from the attacks or the hackers. New York Times best-selling author P. W. Singer and noted cyber expert Allan Friedman partnered the authorship of this book. They aim at teaching their rich knowledge to general public. They have adopted an easy to understand method while writing this book. The price of this book is low and everyone can buy it easily.

Cyber War: The Next Threat to National Security and What to Do about It

(Published: 2012, Written by Richard A. Clarke, Robert Knake, Paperback, Price: $14, 320 Pages)

This is another inexpensive, well written, easy to understand book on cyber security. The author, Richard A. Clarke, is number 1 New York Times bestseller (Against All Enemies) and former presidential advisor and counter-terrorism expert. He brings a lot of writing and counter terrorism experience with him. In this book the author point outs many vulnerabilities in our systems that can be exploited by the cyber criminals. This is a detailed and easy book that helps readers to overcome their vulnerabilities.

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