Best Weight Losing Gadgets in 2015


Mar 29th, 2015

Today many types of gadgets are available in the market that are used for different purposes. Each gadget has its unique functions and features. Weight losing gadgets are very effective in their actions and give positive results in a very short period. People who most commonly use these weight losing gadgets want to lose their weight but are very busy with their lives and cannot manage enough time for exercising and physical activities. Four gadgets are most commonly used to lose the extra weight. Their names are as follows:
1. Polar loop
2. Misfit shine
3. Peloton cycle
4. Jawbone

A brief description of each gadget is given below:

1. Polar loop

Polar loop is just like a band in its appearance. It is one of the most common bands used to lose weight. It represents your calorie intake, daily steps; distance covered as well as fitness goals (like how many calories you wish to intake in the given day). This band is available in three different colors, and there is also an optional heart rate sensor that you can wear around your chest. There is also a polar loop flow app which is available for iOS and Android. Via Polar loop you can connect with other users and chat, and share your experience.

Polar loop contains some interesting features like:

• It is water resistant and even keeps your record while swimming
• You can easily use it with polar H6 and H7 Bluetooth Smart heart rate sensor.
• Polar loop activity tracker helps you to stay active all the day and gives you the information about calories burned
• This gadget gives feedback about your daily, weekly as well as a monthly activity
• Polar loop activity tracker provides free guidance with the polar flow app and polar flow web services
• It can easily track your total calorie intake as well as expenditure by connecting with MyFitnessPal app

2. Misfit shine

This gadget is commonly used to lose the extra weight and to stay healthy and fit. It helps in losing the weight by having you commit to your workout program. The misfit shine is a fitness band. This band is available in ten different colors. It is very light in weight about 0.33 ounces, and you can wear it all day long. It also contains a battery. The misfit shine application is meant for Android and iOS users. The device allows its users to connect with some other users of this device and gives them a great way to share and view their stats. Some of the interesting features of misfit shine app are given below:

• It can track swimming as well as cycling activities
• It is water resistant
• It contains multi wear options which are ranged from clipped inside clothing to the bloom necklace
• It is a very efficient gadget which tells time
• The unique feature of this gadget is that no recharging is required. You simply have to replace the water battery when it runs out
• It also offers a smart alarm
• The social features of misfit shine gadget include newsfeed, leader board, and profile
• This gadget is compatible with Android, iOS and as well as Windows phones

3. Peloton cycle

Peloton cycle is a bike type gadget. It is a high technology bike that contains HD screen of 21.5 inches. It has a magnetic resistance system which is made from carbon steel and connects to internet over Wi-Fi. All your activities like distance, cadence, and calories burned, and other data are displayed on the dashboard. One of the most important features of this gadget is the presence of a live instructor for daily classes and is capable of viewing when you are progressing. The classes are highly motivational as well as inspiring, and are included in the price. Unlike other gadgets, the peloton cycle is very expensive, but worth every cent.

4. Jawbone

It is a band which you can easily wear to lose weight as well as for other fitness purposes. Jawbone UP3 gadget contains an accelerometer and two other chips. One chip is used for the detection of the temperature of the environment and skin while the other chip is used for the accurate monitoring of the heart rate. It also contains a battery.
The most common features of jawbone gadget are as follows:

• It contains more sensors than all of its competitor gadgets. It is better in its response compared with order gadgets which serve the same purpose
• It provides a wide range of health benefits
• Jawbone’s free app keeps track of your everyday food and sleeping cycles
• Jawbone also contains the features of weight logging. This feature allows you to log your weight and then set a personal goal to see your progress towards your target weight.

Gadgets used to lose weight are a great help and people can enjoy many benefits by using them. However, the most important thing is to stay true to yourself and not to give up.


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