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Mar 13th, 2015

We all love to take photographs to capture special moments and nowadays some random moments. Even people now often like to take arbitrary selfies here and there, at restaurants, in bar, club and during shopping. Some of us enjoy taking snaps and forget them straight away whereas others love to edit them to a great extent. Some like to keep those edited pictures while others like to share them over social media with friends and family.

VECO Cam is a great app that combines picture-taking, photo-editing, and online sharing in a snazzy package. It is already a superstar on Android and iPhones and you can now grab the VSCO Cam and install it on your own PC. So if you want to have some fun then keep on read this article and grab few of those holiday snaps with VSCO Cam for PC and start making something even cooler out of it.

To convince you I am going to describe a little bit why VSCO Cam is so popular on mobile phones. There are already a bunch of decent photo editing programs that run on a Windows platform, but VSCO Cam for PC offers something extra. That it provides some awesome sharing possibilities. This application allows you to join the VSCO community and by using the hashtag, you can enter your own efforts into the VSCO Weekly Selects.

Of course, running an Android application on your PC will take a little work but thanks to a very easy to use emulation application, you will have no problems whatsoever. Just think about the multi social media platforms that could soon be enjoying your freshly edited masterpieces.

How to Download VSCO Cam for PC (APK):

Now we have your attention to download VSCO Cam for PC, I am going to explain step-by-step how to do it.

  • First of all, go to the official and get ready for some Android emulation downloads
  • Now install the emulator onto your PC from the BlueStacks site
  • After installation, open BlueStacks App Player and use search button on home page to search the Google Play Store for VSCO for PC
  • Install the VSCO Cam onto your BlueStacks application
  • Once it is installed, just open the VSCO for PC app and start editing photographs on your PC

So Get Started!

I cannot predict if you will become a photo-editing expert overnight, but at least you will be enjoying the same cool features as iOS and Android VSCO buffs are having fun by using it.

On launch, you will be welcomed with a flat interface. The main thing you will see is the catch screen, which offers the viewfinder in the inside. You will have buttons for changing to the front-facing cam, and also different choices covered up under the apparatus button, which I thought was for different application settings, yet that is not the case. Clicking on the apparatus button will uncover five separate further buttons: Flash, Grid, Big Button Capture, Low Light Boost, and White Balance Lock. VSCO Cam gives a lot of choices in a smooth bundle.

At the point when a picture is taken, you will see it being handled in the bottom corner, where it will then appears as a thumbnail. This is the thing that you click/tap to get to your VSCO Cam Image Gallery, where photographs are put away before you exclusively select which ones to save. You can likewise import existing pictures by clicking on the large + button at the top, and after that selecting what you need to import in a bunch.

On the editing screen, you will discover a modest bunch of filter presets in a strip at bottom, complete with little thumbnails of how the picture will look like when it will be applied. Click on one to view it on the real picture, and after that click on it again to raise the power slider, where you can change the quality from zero to 12. When you are pleased with how it looks, tap on the ✓ to apply it.

In the event that you click on thin bar at the bottom with an arrow pointing downwards, you will raise the other altering instruments. The altering devices that VSCO Cam brings are sliders for Exposure, Temperature, and Contrast, with the extra choices to Rotate and Crop. If you do not like the changes, you made then simply click on undo button to go back to previous step or if you want to start from scratch then click on other button.

When you are happy with editing, you can save the edited photograph or share it over social media, including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or Weibo. Additionally you can email it too.

Final results will be saved in full-resolution, however be mindful that this is restricted to the last resolution of your gadget, so mileage will fluctuate.

I hope you find this article and downloading guide useful and ready to have some fun.

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