Five Best Video Downloader Apps for Android Devices


Mar 13th, 2015

If you are having trouble in downloading videos using your Android enabled mobile devices, then this article is here to show you the ways to solve this problem. This article aims at providing you the basic information about videos download applications for downloading videos from web to your Android handheld devices. So now we will turn to those videos download applications.

  1. Videoder (Video Downloader)

It is a very simple and easy to use Android application that allows you to easily download videos from any website. This application gets integrated with the default browser of your gadget. All you need to do is to search a video, which you want to download, using your web browser. Then select the video you need to install by opening the web page of containing that video. Then open the video by clicking on the video, and then video information and link, to download a resolution, will be displayed. Finally, click one of those links to start download.

Main Features:

  • Graphical user interface is good
  • It has a preview option to preview the frames of the video thereby allowing you to decide whether this is the very video you needed.
  • Downloads a video quickly.
  • It supports big files.
  • It can show a number of search results a time.
  • It can play video prior to download
  • Supports 3gp, mp4, avi, mpeg, mov, mkv and many more formats.

Download the App here: [Play Store]

  1. FVD (Free Video Downloader)

FVD stands for Free Video Downloader. As its name suggests, this application allows you to the videos that are shared in the internet. It has a built in browsing option. If you need to download a video, just open its “Open Browser” button by clicking “Open Browser” option. Then the app will open a built in web browser interface. Now using this web browser you can search any video on the internet. After finding the very video you need, just click on the video. Doing so, the app will open up a pop up window to allow you to save the video in your Android handheld device. You can rename a video before the download starts, or you can rename the video later.

Main Features: 

  • Its graphical user interface is a bit complex. This is due to the reason that it offers more options than other applications.
  • Download speed of this app is fast.
  • It allows you to start more than one downloads at a time.
  • It allows you to download files other than video files.
  • It is compatible with many video formats.

Download the App here: [Play Store]

  1. Easy Downloader

This application is developed by 2Easy team. This team has also introduced many other notable applications like Easy Battery Saver, Easy downloader Pro, Easy Task Killer Advanced, Easy Video Player, Easy App Lock – Manager and Easy Ads Cleaner. 2Easy team have developed good reputation on play store and are one of the most successful Android apps developer teams on Google Play Store. Coming to point, Easy Downloader has a simply looking graphical user interface but you would have to download a web browser that is compatible with this app. After downloading a compatible web browser (or if you already have a compatible web browser), open that browser, search a required video, if found select that video and click share option. By selecting share option, a pop-up window would open the share option of your device. Form the options available to share, choose Easy downloader app option, the video will start to download.

Main Features:

  • Large file can be downloaded
  • It allows the user to stop and later resume a download
  • Download speed is fast

Download the App here: [Play Store]

4. Download Manager

A distinct feature of this app is that it can download any file of any format and size. It also comes with a built in web browser. It is simple to use. You need to open its browser, search video or other file, open the video or that file, select a link from video category, and click on the video to be downloaded. It will download the video to your device.

Main Features:

  • Large file can be downloaded
  • Many types of files can be downloaded
  • It allows the user to stop and later resume a download
  • A video and music player is built in it

Download the App here: [Play Store]

5. Video Downloader

The working of this app is almost similar to Download Manager mentioned above. It also has a built in web browser to help users search on the internet. You can bookmark your favorite links in it. After searching a video, click and open the video, popup window will open and will ask to download or rename the video. Then press save button and the video will be downloaded.

Main Features:

  • It supports mp4, 3gp and mov
  • It allows the user to stop and later resume a download
  • It can show video while it is downloading

Download the App here: [Play Store]

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