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Mar 13th, 2015

There are plenty of threats on the internet. There are numerous criminal minds around the globe trying to harm all of us using hacking techniques. It is necessary to be prepared to coup with potential attack on your computer. All computer and internet users must adopt some basic precautionary measures to keep themselves safe on the internet. This article presents some basic elements to consider to make the defense of computer strong against any potential attach.

Choosing a Strong Password

Choosing a strong password is so much important. One must not share password with anyone. Writing password is also risky as anyone can read it anytime without your consent. It is important that you select a cryptic and difficult password. While you select your password, take care of the following elements.

  • Passwords that contain your names, date of birth and other personal information are easy to guess
  • Your password must contain lower case, upper case, numbers and symbols
  • Your password must contain at least 8 characters
  • Your password must be easy to remember for you
  • Your password must not be easy to guess for others

Beware of Scams                       

If someone asks your password or password hint via email, IM, text message or on phone call, do not even bother to respond even if you know that person. Some unknown people send links that are malicious and following those links may enable the destination website to steal your information one way or another. Moreover, many known or unknown people send us malicious attachments and ask us to open that attachment. These attachments generally contain malicious applications, opening which can enable the sender to steal your information. It is important that you should not send any personal information to anyone who does not need it.

Protecting Information while using the Internet and Email

It is an important that you only log in to a web page that uses secure techniques. An https webpage is more secure than mere http. So you can check this in the address bar of your web browser. If you are sharing information over a wireless network, then you need to take special care because wireless networks are more vulnerable to attacks of hackers. You can set your devices to always ask before connecting to a wireless network. As email is not a secure method of sharing, you should not send information that you think is sensitive and can be hacked. Also try to avoid sharing files using file sharing software because it opens you to malicious applications.

Secure Your Area Where You Live

It is important that you should not left open the doors and windows of your place. Moreover, do not share you access code, key or card with anyone. You must always take your keys out of drawer and doors.

Keep Safe Laptops, Computers and Mobile Devices and Lock Them if You Have to go Somewhere

It is important to take special care of devices that store your important information. Some people place their devices anywhere and leave that place for some time. It is dangerous and that device or any data stored in that device can be stolen. One important measure is to lock your laptops and computer systems before you leave a place for some time. If you have to go for more time, then it is better to take you device with you. You can use a laptop lockdown cable. These cables are available in markets.

Unattended Systems and Devices

Do not you ever leave your laptop, personal computer, or any other device open that have your sensitive information. It just takes a second to lock a computer or laptop. For a computer system using Windows are operating system, you can press ‘crtl + alt + Delete’ or ‘Window + L’ to lock it. On a Mac enabled laptop, press Apple menu or power button. It is desireable that you set a time, after which your system automatically gets locked.

Antivirus and Keeping it Updated

Always install best antivirus software to protect your system. Please note that no always free antivirus software is best. If possible, purchase a secure and good antivirus. Installing antivirus software is not enough. It is necessary to keep antivirus software update. A purchased and licensed antivirus software is more secure and with more security features. One should shut down computer system at least one in a week or when the computer system requires to shut down to update a feature.

Protect Portable and Mobile Devices

Always keep your sensitive data at a secure place. It is desirable to keep backup of all important data at a secure place. Try not to keep your important data into laptops and other mobile devices. God forbidden, but you may lose any of your device thereby losing all your important information.

Do not Install Unknown Programs

Many hackers get control of the systems of the victims by managing to get a program installed on the victim’s system. So do not ever install a program sent by an unknown person.

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