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Mar 30th, 2015

Haier is best known for producing home appliances. They provide the market with almost all kinds of home appliances which are reliable, long lasting and perfect for use. The Company is highly known for producing reliable TVs. A large variety of washing machines, new and improved designs of Refrigerators with newly added features, lower electric consumption Air conditioners, Microwave ovens, etc., are its best sold products in the market for years. After providing the best variety of home appliances, Haier has now introduced a new product line of connected watches for its buyers on the cusp of Mobile World Congress.

At first, Haier revealed a wearable range of smart watches for kids, which are available in attractive, bright, exotic and youthful colors. This watch especially produced for the little ones has a special capability of accompanying the wearer up to 30 meters underwater and remaining absolutely safe. Some of the people have enough money to spend to avail the maximum luxuries and are willing to pay for such stuff for their progeny. Haier Company did not leave senior citizens out of the picture, and the Haier smart watch is designed specifically for such senior citizens.
Haier introduced a connected device possessing the same range of functions broadly. This device, designed particularly for the “Senior Citizens”, has a few differences in design and color here and there.

• Design

The Haier Smartwatch for senior citizens has almost the same features as the watch made especially for kids. The difference lies in the appearance while keeping in consideration the form factor that is suitable for the people of such age.

Children’s watches are designed according to their choices of funky colors, the Smartwatches of senior citizens are designed in a way that it boasts of a decent and adult looking leather strap. These leather straps are available in two colors, red and black, to cater to the two different genders.

• Specifications

Due to the fact that most of the senior citizens have limited eyesight, Haier Smartwatch possesses a 0.96 inch OLED screen, which can offer a comfortable display to the weak eyes.
This Smartwatch is an intelligent watch, having a built-in microphone and a speaker. Such features permit it to make and attend phone calls conveniently.

Three different emergency numbers are fed inside the watch. Users will be able to find a dedicated SOS button, red in color. If you press that button in case of an emergency, it will send an alert to those three numbers, and they could locate you and help you out. The planned SOS service will be compatible with the gadget.

It is water and dust resistant, but abstain yourself from wearing it while you are swimming. With the Haier Smart watch on your wrist, you can dive in the water up to 30 meters, without missing a beat on your watch. Below 30 meters, the water might seep into the watch after breaking the seal.

• Major Benefit – Tracking Features

As the senior citizens face problems regarding bad memory, there is a chance that they might get lost when they go out. The Haier smartwatch for senior citizens has been designed to help the family, parents and other caregivers to keep in touch with the wearer. Now, you can let the elderly go out freely, and you can locate them with the help of Haier smartwatch.

You and parents can use a mobile app to set a Geo-fenced ‘safe zone’ for the watch bearer. This way, they successfully track down the wearer when he leaves the confined area. This app can also be used to go back to the past location data. You can store the GPS tracking history for several days.

Instead of “baby monitor”, the company considers the term “remote listening” more appropriate for the caregivers who are not able to contact the wearer of the watch by phone. This mode helps the family of the wearer to connect with him when the contact cannot be made through the phone calls.

• Health Features

This intelligent Haier watch contributes most of its features to the health. It is designed for daily use. Senior citizens can use the watch any time if they are walking, having a ride on cycle, or if they are helping their bodies with the exercise of running.

• Time

The Haier Watch is designed to be incredibly specific and accurate. The watch adjusts the time, based on the global time standard. The company has developed a variety of watch faces.

• Verdict

It might not be the best smart watch available in the market, yet the Haier Watch is without a doubt one of the most competent smart watches as depicted by its features. It is mostly directed towards health, and the users will benefit the most from this feature. It has been announced a few months back, and the availability dates and prices of the connected devices have not yet been revealed. It has a bright future in front of itself. The intelligent, smart watch has set quite high standards. You just have to wait and watch for the arrival of the smart watch to analyze its miraculous features yourself.


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