How to protect your machines from Hackers


Mar 13th, 2015

Every day, we hear news about another security infringe somewhere in digital world and it becomes so common in the area that we hardly react over it anymore. Many big companies like Apple and Ebay became victims and the list goes on.

News channels highlight the security penetrations of big companies. Nevertheless, millions take place every year, which are not reported. According to research in every three-second one person is hacked. Despite that public is suffering from security infringe exhaustion. No one can care about this anymore. Additionally, most people become unaware with the importance of these breaches. People disregard some basic measure for protecting their systems.

I would like to share with you some simple ways to prevent yourself from becoming a victim of these hacks. Keep in mind that all prevention measures can’t protect you 100 % from all hacking attacks .The only way to get 100% secure is to turn your machine off, and no one of you will do that.

There are many ways to attack an online machine if someone possess skills and knowledge, they are expected to get in your machine .What you can do is to make it difficult as much as you can for some random hackers to get in to your system and instead aim their efforts to someone who is easy victim. .

Firstly, you need to understand that hackers always have an eye on the online world. They have simple programs through which they can scan the IP address in the online world particular known exposure. When they find that your system has that exposure, they commence to attack, if your system doesn’t have that, they will go on to next online system.

Here are few common sense measures to keep you safe from being hacked. I have tried some of the most basic to advance. If you implement these, it is unlikely that you will be hacked.

Use stronger passwords. Passwords are your first defence line in this digital war between hackers and victims. If hackers can get your password rest of the work is for them. Mostly people use simple password, easy to remember, hacker can crack these kind of password in a minute or hours. So always, use long length password mixed with numeric and alphabetic character.

In this area, all computers and systems require a username and password to validate. The validate means to prove who you are. More secure systems are now using two –factor validation, a second confirmation factor, you can make it more complex and harder for hackers to hack your system. Passwords can be cracked no matter how complex it is but that needs enough time. By using a second factor such as code verification, makes it much more difficult for hackers.

It is worth mentioning that never ever click on a link, which is send to you via email. Don’t care if it come from trusted site or friend, never open that link in your email. May be that link embed with malware with innocuous looking link that can give hackers your computer’s control. Once hackers have your computer’s control then they can steal whatever they want from your computer including your password and other information. Then maybe they sell your information in black market with great price.

Daily new security vulnerabilities are being discovered in operating systems and application such as MS office, Adobe Reader etc. When hackers find out this vulnerability they then develop a way to exploit it. This allows hackers to install their software on your system to control it and steal your information. Hackers become happy when you refuse to update as even old and tired exploits will work in your system. When you update then hackers have to be more creative in developing new program to hack your system.

Most people don’t like to have antivirus on their computer. Everyone should have some antivirus in their systems. Most antiviruses are not perfect but undoubtedly better than having nothing. Even the best antivirus is only effective more than 90% of known malwares. But always keep updated your antivirus.

Adobe’s flash player is nearly on every computer. With this software you can watch videos and animation etc. Without it, you won’t be able to watch videos and animation and you need to install flash player.

A few year back Apple made a decision to ban flash player from their IOS as adobe flash player is hackers’ best piece of code for hacking. Nearly everyone has that software. It’s hard but if you really want to make your security bullet proof than remove this software from you system.

Even though Microsoft has firewall on its operating system but there are also some third-party firewall as well for better protection. Always turn on the firewall if you think operating system firewall is not effective than install some third party’s firewall that gives you better protection.

I hope this information will help you to protect your system and data, makes it difficult for hackers to hack your system.

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