Six Best Gaming Chairs


Mar 13th, 2015

With the rapid success of games in the world, related accessories are also on the rise. New and new accessories are coming in to market to facilitate the gaming addicts. You may have observed that if a person is in the middle of an intense and difficult game, being comfortable is very important. If you are watching a TV or working/playing on a PC, it is very different experience to have a comfortable chair to sit on. In this article we have brought information about best and comfortable chairs coupled with prices form Amazon.
1. X Rocker 51396 Pro Series Pedestal 2.1 Video Gaming Chair, Wireless (Price: $189.00)
This kind of chair is specially designed for utmost comfort of gamers. This chair is expensive than that of others but it is for those who want to attain highest comfort levels. It contains two built in speakers and a subwoofer, a wireless receiver and transmitter. It is also comfortable for eyes.
• It is possible to add more chairs
• Its tilt capabilities and swivel capabilities are remarkable
• Audio features are also good.
• Hard support plate uncomfortable
• fewer lean back facility
• Along with audio transmitter Power charger not included
• Arm rest is low in height
2. X Rocker 51259 Pro H3 4.1 Audio Gaming Chair, Wireless (Price: $186.93)
It is similar to the first one. Its price is also similar to the first one. The audio features of this chair are compatible with the first one. The additional feature of this chair is that it has four speakers instead of two. Sound quality is better than that of the first chair.
• Extra padding and extra comfort
• Gun-Stock and more stability
• Four speakers coupled with good sound effects.
• HDMI connection not available
• Arm rest should be a little big
3. X Rocker 5171901 Boomer 2.1 Wireless Sound Chair (Price: $79.88)
It does not have a swivel support but surely you would feel good to lie down to low level. Having audio trinkets, two speakers, an AFM technology powered subwoofer. This chair is a technologically one of the best chair for gaming and other leisure purposes.
• Audio features are nice
• Very comfortable
• It can play music from headsets
• RCA cables are free with this chair.
• Taller gamers may feel uncomfortable
• Some people may need to add cushion or other back support
4. Cohesion XP 8.1 Gaming Chair With Audio (Price: $92.68)
This chair is famous in the gamers who like a rocking chair like this. It is a low level gaming chair. It is also a comfortable chair coupled with good looks. It comes with wired receiver, two speakers and control panel which can be customized. Moreover, it is not so much expensive.
• Extra foam padding coupled with long back makes it more comfortable
• It can easily be folded to save space in the room
• Contains best audio features
• AA batteries are not given with it. Rather these batteries need to buy separately
• The quality of speakers is average and can cause trouble after some time.
5. Serta Rocket Adjustable Gaming Chair (Price: $109.99)
It is made for the gamers who like to sit near the ground as its level is low. One can easily mould it to make chair or chaise. It is also not expensive and may match your budget. It is folded when you purchase it but do not worry, you do not need to put a lot of effort to assemble this chair. One distinct feature of this gaming chair is that is comes with different colors.
• Good for low stature people
• Easy to alter it to make chair of chaise
• For the first time you would get it assembled
• You can opt from four colors
• Due to low in height, you may feel stress on your eyes when you would have to see above on the display unit
• Lean back part is not as strong as it is in other chairs.
6. X Rocker 5142101 Commander 2.1 Audio Gaming Chair (Price: $134.99)
It is another gaming chair from X Rocker. This is also made to comfort your back and lower part. You would not feel irritated if you sit on it for long hours. It contains subwoofer coupled with 2.1 AFM technology. The upper surface of the chair comprises on polyester. Due to this outlining, you may feel comfortable to sit for a long time even during summers.
• Polyester surface keeps it cool even in sizzling summers
• 2.1 AFM Technology is a nice aspect
• Stature is long lasting
• Outputs excellent audio from two speakers
• Wheels are not included because it is swivel design
• High pressure may lower the arm rests

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