The best 7 gadgets in fitness industry


Mar 28th, 2015

Every day, we’re witnesses of technological breakthrough and advancement. New smartphones, health gadgets are being released, and we just can’t get enough. Why should we? These gadgets make things simpler and easier. We can use health armbands to help us stay fit and track our health, heart rate, weight and more. Gadgets have become an essential part of our lives and with the evolving technology they serve their purpose well.

Some gadgets will help you stand up straight, some will help you lose weight, and some of them will even act as a baby monitor. So you see there are numerous usages of these wonderful things. Today we are going to talk about some of the best gadgets that help people stay healthy and act as their personal trainer.

1. Mio Fuse

Mio Fuse is an all-day activity tracker, and it has a heart rate monitor and a heart rate zone built in. The band is very comfortable, waterproof resistant and has a nice sports appearance. The armband helps with tracking pace while running; it shows calories burned; it shows time and distance. Very simple and easy. Mio Fuse comes in two colors which equal two sizes. However, it does not track stairs or sleep. It requires a mobile device. This device is ideal for cyclists and runners.

2. Fitbit Charge

Fitbit Charge is an excellent armband which tracks miles, stairs, steps, burned calories, sleep and other activities. The device is compatible with Android, Windows, Mac, and iOS. It has a beautiful design and OLED display. The device also features silent alarms and caller ID. However, it lacks a heart rate monitor. It is not waterproof, it is only water resistant. This band is great for basic activates, even though it doesn’t have smartwatch functionalities besides the caller ID, still the Fitbit Charge remains on top of its game. It may not seem as one of the best smart gadgets available, but it did find a wide pallet of satisfied users.

3. Jawbone UP24

The Jawbone UP 24 is an activity tracker which measures deep sleep and it is suitable for connecting with many other applications for health, sports and calorie counting. The device requires a smartphone, and it has no display. However, the bottom line is that this device does what it is supposed to. Jawbone UP 24 is comfortable, sleek and elegant activity tracker. The only downside to it is that users can access it via mobile devices only.

4. Microsoft Band

Microsoft band tracks workouts, burned calories, heart rate, sleep, steps, and runs. The band includes some smartwatch functions, and has a customizable screen. Some reviews say that the band is uncomfortable and not suitable for smaller people. However everything is not dark. Microsoft Band is filled with great features which many other armbands lack, plus it has a great elegant appearance. It is compatible with Android and iOS operating system. The device has an OLED display, and the battery lasts up to four days.

5. Misfit Flash

This device is quite impressive, it can track steps, distance, sleep, activities and is waterproof and also as an activity supports swimming Misfit Flash includes a wristband and a clip holster. It is not expensive and offers a lot for the money spent. However, the device does not count heart rate or stairs. It cannot be synchronized with a computer, and there are no web applications. Misfit Flash is one of the best entry level tracker of physical activity. Some might get disappointed with the lack of features, but users who are just about to embark in the world of health gadgets will appreciate this device very much.
6. Runtastic orbit

This fitness tracker measures burned calories, measures sleep, and distance and has a great display. It is waterproof and includes two wristbands and one clip case. The applications are available on iOS and Android. However, it does not track stairs and the app does not track weight. The device requires a smartphone and, unfortunately, does not have a heart rate monitor.

7. Garmin Vivosmart

Garmin Vivosmart is device that will without any problems measure miles, steps, sleep, calories burned, but it also contains a remote control for music. In addition, “move” alert and vibration alarms are also available. The band is comfortable, high-quality, waterproof and in the midrange price. The design is discreet, elegant and dashing. It supports iOS and Android operating systems.

All these devices are a true example how technology can help people to stay in shape, monitor their health and have a personal trainer in a digital form. The year 2015 will show to be very successful when it comes to releasing new gadgets. We can expect some new smartphone releases, but that’s not all. Gaming industry is also at the top of their game, and users can expect some new releases in that area as well.


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