The Newly Released HTC One M9


Mar 1st, 2015

HTC One has a vast range of high quality mobiles. After a successful range of HTC One series mobiles, it is now introducing HTC One M9. Let’s throw some light on different aspects of this intelligent phone.

• Introduction

HTC One M9 is one of the hottest bodies in the business. HTC One M9, acting like a pro and looking like a celebrity, has arrived spot on time third year in a row. There are upgrades and engine boost in the both departments; sound and camera. The upgrade has provided this intelligent phone with the ability to go hand in hand with the latest tech company giants. These specifications prove it to be The One which we have always known and adored. It has a new, charming and a gleaming look, and cannot be recognized as the One series, if it was not for the large square glass lens on the back. HTC One M9 possesses the power button on the side. Various notable improvements ensure that this mobile will give a true competition to its competitors and rivals in this year. It offers 4K videos, which is improved feature as opposed to M8. But, there is no change in the screen resolution or screen size.

• Key Features

a. Display Specifications

HTC One M9 possesses a 5 inch capacitive touch screen with a display of 1080 p. It has a Corning Gorilla Glass 4. It has a dual quad core processor with Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 chipset and 3GB RAM.

b. Storage Specifications

HTC One M9 supports Android 5.0 lollipop with HTC Sense 7 UI. It has a 32 GB inbuilt memory with a micro SD card slot and a 100 GB of free Google Drive Storage for 2 years.

c. Camera Specifications

HTC One M9 has a rear view camera of 20 MP with new aspects, including a dual-LED flash. It has a front camera of 4 MP with BSI sensor, providing imaging and photo control like never before. It has a video recording of 1080 P. 20 MP main camera has a sapphire camera lens that has double scratch resistance for long-lasting use and delivers crystal clear photos. You can apply live makeup, split captures, and take voice selfies and much more with HTC EyeTM Experience Software. Front-facing Camera has an UltraPixel technology to capture more light for great selfies, both during day and night. It has a wide angle lens, which is particularly designed to capture more people in a single shot.

d. Connectivity Specifications

HTC One M9 bears LTE Cat.6, Wi-Fi a/b/g/n/ac, GPS/GLONASS, IR port, NFC, Bluetooth 4.1, Micro USB 2.0 port, FM radio, USB host and MHL.

e. Sound Specifications

HTC One M9 has a dedicated microphone with which it can cancel Active Noise. It has a front facing stereo speakers with Dolby audio and a Boom Sound, which provide optimized sound. This is an ultimate audio experience. Your games and films never sounded this good. It recreates the 5.1 surround sound effect. You can stream any video or music from your HTC One M9 to any compatible home stereo device through HTC Connect. Different music can be streamed to multiple speakers at the same time.

f. Battery Life

HTC One M9 has a 2,840 mAH battery, which can be quickly charged.

g. Premium Perfection

HTC One M9 possesses an all-metal body with a dual-tone features. It has mirrored edges tapered ergonomically to fit in your hand. To achieve the streamlined look, the uni-body back of the mobile is curved. It offers more customizable options than ever. It has an inbuilt HTC Themes app, through which you can alter the feel and look of your mobile.

h. Widget Specifications

Your location is automatically detected by a context-based home screen widget and provides apps that are based on a combination of your use preferences, as well as your location. An enhanced Blink Feed is featured by HTC One M9 that offers links and recommendations, based on your current location. Now, you can swipe your home screen only once for new Twitter feeds, Facebook posts, sports scores, breaking news and a lot more.

• Protection

If the screen of your HTC One M9 is cracked or water damage, or if you have decided to switch carriers, then your phone can be replaced freely, but within the first 12 months according to UH OH protection.

Thus, the release of HTC One M9 is the hot topic in the world of mobile these days. HTC One series has been winning the best phone awards previously, beating various outstanding mobile phones. Thus, M9 is expected to beat its competitors in 2015, due to its high power specs and elegant design. Even if it won’t win the title of the best phone, it will give tough competition to other phones in the market.


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