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Mar 30th, 2015

Wearable technology has brought wonders in the year 2015. The Wearable watch list consists of the top wearable devices, including watches, best smart watches and best fitness trackers. So, below you can find wearable devices which will help you with many daily activities.

• Whistle

Whistle is the smallest pet device, which is very convenient for pet owners. Just put it around the neck of your pet and let it go. Through a smart app on your device, you will constantly get to know what your pet is up to and what its exact location is. You will get rid of the fear of losing your pet if you put the whistle around your pet’s neck. It looks slick and feels comfortable around the animal’s neck.

• Viper

Viper is one of the most impressive and best made wearable gadgets. Plus it is the number one choice of the Premier League football clubs. Viper has the potential of changing sport in 2015, because it keeps track of speed, acceleration, turns, movements and all the biomechanics that provide the slightest details about the players.

• Skully

Skully is an Android Motorcycle Helmet for the motorcyclists. It is an IndieGoGo crowdfunding over-achiever, having the head-up-displays similar to the fighter pilot. These are the Android-powered pieces which give the riders details about road layouts, rear camera view, GPS mapping and speed and distance metrics. It provides safety for the bikers and prevents road accidents.

• Beddit

Beddit is a wearable device, but people do not have to wear it. You can place it under your bed sheet. It is basically a sleep monitor that measures your breathing patterns and heart rates while you are asleep. It is a clever device, accurately monitoring when your functions when you are a sleep. You can stay fit and healthy with the help of Beddit. It acts as your personal doctor.

• Fitness Tracking Headphones

Fitness Tracking Headphones are the first smart headphones. These headphones are a very cool device to wear. Your fitness metrics is tracked down straight from your lugholes by these headphones. It has 4 GB of built-in storage that can store many songs, letting you play music directly from it. It keeps a record of your exercise goals.

• Ringly

Ringly is a wearable ring device. It is a stylish 18K ring with a semi-precious stone embedded in it, and this ring possesses the best features of a smartwatch. It syncs with your smartphone and buzzes you with all the usual messages and calls notifications, including Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, WhatsApp, and Tinder.

• Nixie

Nixie is a beautifully designed wrist-mounted drone, having four corners with a fan at each corner, and bearing a camera in the center. It leaps into the air to capture your selfie action and then, lands back at the place from where it initiated boomerang style.

• LG G Watch R

LG G Watch R is an awesome looking and the most stylish Android Wear Smartwatch so far. It has a marvelous display showing the time, weather, temperature, etc. This watch is big and manly. LG G Watch R is waterproof up to several meters. It has much more to offer and has stupendous features, persuading a person to purchase it immediately.

• Zepp

Zepp is a golf wearable, which is one of a kind. Previously, such golf wearables were discovered which only let you know how badly you were playing. Zepp is a wearable gadget that not only tells you when you are playing badly, but also helps you make your game better. Just stick Zepp on your glove, and it connects to your smartphone, depicting your swing in a video and comparing it side-by-side with the pros.

• Fitbit Flex Wireless Activity Tracker

Fitbit Flex Wireless Activity Tracker is a slim, sleek and stylish, wearable wristband device. It tracks the number of calories you burn, your steps, and the distance you cover during the day. It also keeps the records of the quality of your sleep during the night and wakes you up in silence by vibrating.

Fitbit Flex is synced to your smartphone or your computer via Bluetooth. It gives you room to figure out your goals and then uses 5 LED lights to present just how well you are progressing. Each light represents 20% of your goals. It challenges you to be more and more active and fit day by day. Fitbit Flex is available in a variety of different colors. On a single charge, its battery lasts for approximately five days.

• Jawbone UP3

Jawbone UP3 is the most awaited Jawbone fitness tracker. The latest device is even more awesome and sexier looking than before. It offers to recognize the kind of sport you are playing. It has the precision motion sensing technology and also bears the technology for picking up on hydration, perspiration, and other biometrics. It will get to know you more and better than you know yourself.


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