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Apr 7th, 2015

Battlefield Hardline is one of the first person shooter games. It is designed and developed by Visceral Games in association with EA Digital illusion CE and is published by Electronic Arts. This video game has mainly focused on the inner city battles between cops and criminals.

Plot of the game

The battlefield hardline launch game has an unconventional tone. The characters of this game talk with each other, recite internet memes, make a loud noise and offensive music as they move towards the war. The interesting feature of this game, as compared to other games of this type is that the enemies actually respect the badge of a police officer. Some characters of this game such as a stern boss, a motley crew of ex-cops, criminals and a few traitors feel like people who reflect the good vitality and animation work. There is also a drug peddling plot in this game. The characters of this plot are very funny and believable, and the person who is playing the game wants to keep on playing in order to see what happens next.

The main villain of the story is untrustworthy and clever. He is not the most interesting guy, he is selfish and cunning. A few moments of comedy can be found in this game. The game is filled with many car crashes, gunfights as well as explosions.

Characters of the game

The main characters of this game are given below:

1. Julian Dawes
2. Khai Minh Dao
3. Nick Mendoza
4. Tyson Latchford
5. Carl Stoddard
6. Dune Alpert
7. Marcus Boomer Boone

1. Julian Dawes

In this game, Benito Martinez played the character of Julian Dawes. This character is famous for picking out some of the youngest police officers and transforming them into star detectives.

2. Khai Minh Dao

Kelly Hu played the character of Khai Minh Dao, and she presented herself to her fellow officers and the underworld suspects as a smart person who is very detective and do not lose her temper.

3. Nick Mendoza

In this game, Nicholas Gonzalez played the character of Nick Mendoza, who is a newly Miami detective. Actually Nick is from the wrong side of the tracks, the first lawfully employed member of his family for generations.

4. Tyson Latchford

This character is performed by Adam J. Harrington. In this character, Tyson spent his youth in carrying and serving cocaine and later he was developed into a middle-class criminal who spends more time working with a spreadsheet than working with scales and gram bags.

5. Carl Stoddard

In this game, the character of Carl Stoddard is played by Travis Willingham that loves his country and later joined the force.

6. Dune Alpert

In this game, Alexandra Daddario played the character of Dune Alpert. This character is known for a young woman who rose on a desert commune.

7. Marcus Boomer Boone

This character is played by Eugene Byrd. By playing this character, he visits Iraq many times as an analyst, and later he applies his skills in the criminal trade.

Game Modes

There is a total of seven game modes of Battlefield Hardline game which are given below.

• Heist

This is an objective mode of the game in which the criminals try to blow open an obstacle and escape with the cash while the cops struggle to prevent the robbery and the criminal’s escape.

• Team Deathmatch

In this game mode, two teams fight to the death. Vehicles are not allowed in this game mode.

• Blood Money

It is a game mode in which cops and criminals fight against each other to get a large sum of money from the opposing team.

• Conquest

In the conquest game mode, two teams fight for the control over the several flag sets around the map.

• Crosshair

It is a half objective and half death match game mode. The cops must accompany a VIP to an extraction point, and the criminals fight to eliminate him before the time runs out.

• Hotwire

In this game mode, criminals and cops fight with each other at a very high speed across expansive environmental conditions.

• Rescue

In this mode, the authorities try and save the prisoners from their captives.

Battle packs

Battle packs are actually bags of rewards given to the players when they are playing the multiplayer part of this game. These bags contain weapons, dog tags, knives, XP, and boosts, etc. There are three main types of Battle packs which include bronze, silver, and gold Battle packs.

Video games are getting more and more interesting and people like them very much. It has become almost irrelevant how old you are, because everyone can find something for themselves. Not all games are war driven, if you are an adventurous type, you can play games with an exploring nature. The point is to have fun.


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