Best Gadgets to Keep You Fit in 2015


Apr 1st, 2015

Do you want to get in shape for 2015? Here you will find out everything about the latest gadgets which will keep you fit. They will help you to stay fit and to keep your health intact. If you want to lose some weight and stay fit, these gadgets will help you stick to the plan. These gadgets come in handy and help you check your weight, make healthy drinks and track your overall health condition.

• Misfit

Misfit Shine is a premium fitness and a sleep monitor. It is a small disc-shaped tracker device. It uses points to keep a track of all your activities, such as swimming, walking, running and cycling. Set your goal and then track your progress by tapping your Misfit Shine, which depicts how close you are to reaching your goal.

Misfit Shine is completely waterproof up to 50 meters, hence, has the ability to record your training regime at pool. Misfit Shine comes in a variety of colors, and introduces new colors on a regular basis. There are a variety of ways you can wear it. You can wear it as a sports wristband, leather watch-style strap and a metal necklace. You do not need to charge this device. You can purchase it for £74.30. The retailer for this gadget is Amazon.

• KitchenAid Artisan Maximum Juice Extractor

KitchenAid Artisan Maximum Juice Extractor is the latest addition to the Artisan small appliance range. This juicer uses a slow speed to process the contents for less foam and more juice, unlike other centrifugal juicers, which use high speed to extract the juices out of fruits and vegetables. It has three screens which enables you to have the juice the way you want.

The body of KitchenAid Artisan Maximum Juice Extractor is made from durable die-cast and comes in a glossy Candy Apple finish. The parts that are removable are created from stainless steel and plastic.
If you want to stay fit, put all your favorite fruits and vegetables inside this juicer and it will squeeze out the maximum juice for you. You can purchase it for £349. The retailer for this juicer is Selfridges & Co.

• Fitbit Flex Wireless Activity Tracker

Fitbit Flex Wireless Activity Tracker is a stylish and slim wristband device. It tracks your steps, the distance you cover and your burned calories during the day. The device tracks the quality of your sleep during the night and wakes you in the morning via a silent alarm that gently vibrates on your wrist.

Fitbit Flex is synced to your computer or your smartphone via Bluetooth. It gives the opportunity to achieve everything you set your mind to and then uses 5 LED lights see just how well you are doing, and how well you stick to your primary plan. Each light represents 20% of your goals. It challenges you to become healthier by each day passed.
Fitbit Flex is available in a variety of different colors. Its battery lasts for approximately 5 days on a single charge. You can purchase it for £59.99. The retailer for this tracking device is PC World.

• SlenderTone Abs

SlenderTone Abs is the latest device that gives you flatter and stronger abs in four weeks even if you eat a lot. The belt has functioning electrodes in it. Once you wear the belt around your waist, these electrodes will stimulate your muscles over and over again, causing your muscles to contract and relax. Basically, SlenderTone Abs tightens your underlying muscles. It does not work on your flab layers. You can purchase it for £120. The retailer for this device is Treat Your Skin.

• Withings Smart Body Analyzer WS-50

Withings Smart Body Analyzer WS-50 is a sleekly designed unit, which acts as a whole body analyzer. It does not only measure your weight when you step bare footed on the scale, but also measures your body fat, BMI and heart rate. These are then sent to your personalized app, where you can set fitness and weight loss goals for yourself. These are then represented in a series of illustrations and graphs.

Withings Smart Body Analyzer WS-50 encourages you to achieve your weight loss and fitness goals as week passes by. You can purchase it for £129.95. The retailer for this Body Analyzer is Amazon.

• Samsung Gear 2 Neo

Samsung Gear 2 Neo works for you only if you have a Samsung smart device. This Gear has a smart and bright OLED display that keeps you updated with several notifications. It works as a heart rate monitor, fitness tracker and records voice memos. It has a benefit of finding your phone if you lose it.

Samsung Gear 2 Neo controls the music in your Samsung device. It also possesses a memory of 4 GB, which means that you can upload the music to your gear, and directly listens from it. It has a battery life of 4 days and you have the option to change straps. You can purchase it for £209.99. The retailer for this Gear is Littlewoods.


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