Fruit Ninja Kinect 2


Apr 8th, 2015

Fruit Ninja Kinect 2 game is a popular video game which was released only a few days ago. It is developed and designed by Hibernum Creations and Published by Halfbrick Studios. The interesting features of this game lie within multiple modes as well as within amazing characters.

Plot of the game

Fruit Ninja is an action game as well as one of the best party games ever created for people of all ages. All the family members of Fruit Ninja Kinect 2 game enjoy the Blueberry Moon festival and participate in colorful challenges. During this festival, the characters present a very interesting game, and players can use various types of weapons to pass through the forest of bamboo and become masters by simply slicing the fruits. The procedure is very simple.

In this game, the color of your fruits is blue, and your opponent is red. You only have to use the blue fruits for slicing without using any red fruit and avoid smoke bombs because they make the screen cloudy. If you find any white fruit, you can use it because they also give some additional points. This game is available in many different languages including English, French, and Italian, etc.

In this game, special Kinect controllers are used to detect the movements of players. The player looks like a shadowy object on the screen against the background scene. This game also has a leveling up system which gives you an opportunity to set a particular aim instead of just increasing score. On the other hand, the new game modes added more variety to the game which multiple fruit types couldn’t provide. You can enjoy this game as you move to the next levels and unlock the rewards.

Characters of the game

The main characters of the game Fruit Ninja Kinect 2 are as follows:

• Katsuro
• Han
• Nobu
• Mari
• Katsuro

This character is very determined and convinced. Katsuro is always ready to perform any kind of task. This uncontrolled behavior of overconfidence always brings troubles and hardships for him.

• Han

This character is known for calmness in any situation and spends most of his time in his unique style. There is actually a competition between Han and Katsuro which actually affects Han’s style.

• Nobu

The Nobu is very gentle in his action and would rather talk his way out of trouble than fight. One important thing of Nobu character is that he is always quick to apologize anyone who he pushes down.

• Mari

In this game, the character of Mari is very strong and energetic. She actually loves to enjoy playing tricks with her friends even more than with her enemies.

Game Modes

The detail of various modes of this game is given below:

• Katsuro’s Ninja Dodge

In this game mode, dangerous shurikens are thrown at you while slicing the fruits. You have to avoid the shurikens in order to increase your score.

• Mari’s Strawberry Stealth

In the Mari Strawberry Stealth game mode, ninja skills are required to slice the fruits.

• Nobu’s Bamboo Strike

This game mode includes slicing of bamboo seeds before they hit the ground. If you miss one seed, a bamboo will grow and block you from slicing fruits.

• Han’s Apple Range

To earn points in this game mode, you have to throw knives to pin the flying fruit against wooden boards.

• Multiplayer game Mode

Fruit Ninja Kinect 2 game is available on iOS devices as well as on windows. Its main features include graphic enhancement as well as local multiplayer in which screen is divided into two parts, and each player controls half of the screen. In the multiplayer game mode matches, the fruits as well as player’s blade are displayed in blue color. On the other hand, the fruits and the blades of the opponent are shown in red color. The fruits with white outline are recognized as neutral. They are actually worth three points. It is necessary for the players to slice their own fruits without using their opponent fruits. It also allows you the feature of a leader board and a very competitive game play. New multiplayer mode of this game allows four players game with special battle and party type games which are given below:

(a) Party Mode

In this game mode, two players compete to slice the most fruits. During the game play, mini games include propeller fruit, striking ninja poses and popping balloons, etc.

(b) Battle Mode

This game mode has a new twist. You have to slice the bananas in order to improve your score. In this way, you can get an advantage over your opponent. That is actually a tug of war.

(c) Classic Arcade & Zen Mode

The classic Arcade and Zen mode of Fruit Ninja Kinect 2 game is now available and is one of the most interesting, original and agitating party favorites.


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