Most Commonly Used Cycling Gadgets


Apr 9th, 2015

Currently, various types of cycling gadgets are available in the market. These gadgets are usually used for the convenience as well as the safety of the cyclists. A brief description of some of the most commonly used cycling gadgets is given below:

• Wireless Bicycle turn Signal

It is one of the most interesting cycling gadgets. It is actually a turn signal unit which is placed under the seat. Its battery is supported by ultra-bright LEDs. When you make a turn, the LEDs emit a loud beeping sound. In this way, the signals are activated wirelessly by using a push-button controller that is attached to your bicycle’s handlebar. Its price is about 68$.

• BikeSpike

This cycling gadget is used to ensure the safety of your bike with a combination of cellular technology and GPS system. By using this BikeSpike gadget, one can easily track his bike in real-time or set safe zones as well as alert notifications while riding beyond the zone limits. It also notifies you whenever; there is a possibility of someone tampering with your bicycle. Presently, this gadget is only available in the Australia, US, EU, and Japan.

• Scosche boomBOTTLE

This cycling gadget completely fits in the water bottle cage of your bicycle. In fact, it is a wireless Bluetooth speaker which is geared towards outdoor activity. The Scosche boomBOTTLE is IPX4 splashproof. It also contains a built-in microphone and in this way, it can work as a speakerphone. It has a rechargeable lithium battery which can be used for 10 hours. This Scosche boomBOTTLE is available in many colors which include yellow, pink, gray, blue, and green.

• Helios Bars

This Helios Bars cycling gadget contains almost all the features of GPS tracking device and is placed in the front and rear facing LED lights. The color of rear-facing lights changes according to your speed. Currently, the Helios Bars is available in drop bar and straight, bullhorn styles.

• Hovding

Hovding is actually a helmet, worn around your neck. This cycling gadget contains sensors and algorithms in order to detect any crash. In such situations, it readily inflates itself to protect your head. It also has an external shell which can be changed to match your outfit. Presently, it is only available in the EU.

• Rubbee Drive

It is an electric bicycle conversion kit which can be easily attached and detached for a quick boost. You can use it for almost 15 miles of travel at 15 miles per hour. It has a small rubber wheel which drives the rear wheel of your bicycle.

• Suunto Ambit2 S

It is a watch that is used to track the speed for travel, ride distance as well as ride length. The important features of this watch also contain a GPS and barometer. When paired with any suitable power meter and ANT, they show and measure the important parameters of stats. The app for Ambit2 S can be downloaded from the Suunto’s Movescount website.

• Garmin Vector

The Garmin Vector is one of the most commonly used power meter systems which is usually mounted in the pedal of the bicycle. It is used for the measurement of cadence and many other metrics such as kilojoules, average power, and power zones. It is capable of reading the power separately for the pedals. Therefore, it is considered as a compatible bike computer that can display the power output for each leg.

• Cyclemeter

It is another ride tracking app which can determine everything from your heartbeat to your elevation speed, and it is also capable of displaying straightforward graphs, maps, and tables. You are allowed to set up a range of announcements for hands-free updates as you cycle.

• Bike Repair

It is a very interesting cycling gadget which tells us how to repair and maintain the good condition of our bike. This app feels like a mechanic in your pocket with around 64 photo guides and about 85 written guides which tell us the step by step solutions to common problems.

• Strava

It is also a very interesting cycle app. It allows its users to keep a record of all their rides, as well as analyze their performance in addictive detail. It is also a fun app with some social elements which allow its users to compare their speed and time with friends or with other local riders.

• Bike Doctor

This bicycle repair app has been downloaded by more than 15,000 cyclists so far. Its features are similar to the bike repairing app. It provides step by step visual solution to the common problems related to bikes.
All these cycling apps and gadgets have found their place under the sun, and now very essential to all the bikers out there. They can use the data they receive to improve their performance and to keep track of their achievements. Gadgets like these are very welcome and greatly anticipated.


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