New Xiaomi Mi-Smart Scale expands home and health line that cost just $16


Apr 14th, 2015

Xiaomi is a well-known company from China which sells smart phones and electronic devices. It has already launched the various products related to smart TVs, air purifiers, connected bulbs, routers, blood pressure management kit, power strips as well as security cameras, etc. A few days ago, the company has introduced many new products to celebrate its fifth anniversary. One of those products include Xiaomi Mi-Smart Scale, which has many good features and comes at a very affordable price of about 16$, while the remaining four products are actually the upgraded version of previously existing items. The CEO of the company Lei Jun announced these five new products during the Chinese fan festival. Currently, these products are for sale only in China. After sometime, the company will open its online Mi Store for these accessories in the US as well as in Europe.

The new fitness device as announced by this company is very helpful and beneficial for those people who want to be healthy, and it does not cost a lot. By using this Xiaomi Mi smart scale package, you can measure your body weight as well as body mass index. This app is specially designed for the people who are very conscious about their fitness, as well as bodily health. By adopting a particular diet plan in addition to the continuously measuring and comparing the body weight by using this device, one can readily lose his/her weight. It can measure the body weight very precisely and accurately ranging from 5kg to 150kg. You can easily use this Xiaomi new smart scale in combination with your smart phone either through iOS or Android operating system. The scale has a Bluetooth and allows its users to track their weight as well as their activities through the Mi Band tracker.

The Mi Smart Scale is designed by Huami. This company has also designed the Mi Band. It is said that this company rose about US$35 million series in the previous year by showing a remarkable performance led by Xiaomi. It is expected that this device will retail for about US$15 which is about US$100 cheaper than the Fitbit Aria.

Features of Xiaomi Mi-Smart Scale

The new Xiaomi Mi-Smart Scale contains many features. Some of the important features of this fitness app are given below:

• The Xiaomi Mi-Smart Scale has a white glass platform with rounded edges and also contains the Mi logo at the center of the device.
• It has a graphical LED display at the front which shows your body weight. It only lights up when you step on the device. There are around 161 LEDs inside the device.
• When talking about connectivity, you can use it through iOS, Android as well as with Bluetooth 4.0 platform.
• This device is particularly designed to track the body weight and BMI (body mass index) through its Mi-Fit app.
• There is also an option of unit conversion in this Xiaomi Mi-Smart Scale. You can measure the body weight by using this fitness app either in kg or lbs.
• One of the special features of this fitness device is that it can measure the weight from 5 kg to 150 kg with a precision of 50 g.
• Another interesting feature of this fitness app is that, it is capable of registering even the very small changes in the weight of the person after they have drank a bottle of water.
• It has 300x300x28, 2 mm dimensions and about 1.9 kg weight.
• The interesting feature of the scale is that when someone uses the scale with its Mi Fit app, the scale can measure the weight of the whole family (around 16 different people)
• This weighing scale is powered by four AA-sized 1.5 V batteries at the back. Therefore, the battery power of this device is also very good.
• This smart scale also has the advantage over other gadgets of its type due to its price. The price of this smart scale is very low which about 16 is$.
• Another important feature of this smart scale is its design which is pretty cool.
• The scale is one of the best Wi-Fi enabled weighing machines.
• The Xiaomi Mi-Smart Scale can also send the data to its Mi Fit app that works in relation with the Mi band in order to track down the person’s steps.
• This device has specified large feet area for the stable and accurate readings.
• The bottom of this device is designed in such a way that it is dust resistant.

So, you see there are many reasons to use this scale. It is not a life changing smart scale, but it will help you towards achieving some of your goals. It has all the necessary features at a very low price. These features in combination with the price will surely have a positive effect on the future outcome regarding the sales of this smart scale.


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